The Conglomerate
-Just like 18 specialty shops under one roof-

Business Hours:

 Monday: 10 - 5
Tuesday: 10 - 5
Wednesday: 10 - 5
Thursday: 10 - 6
Friday: 10 - 6
Saturday: 10 - 5
Sunday: closed
or by appt

Old Village Paints
Acrylic Latex Quarts

A Collection of Authentic 18th and 19th Century Colours for Restoration and Decorating in the Colonial, Federal, and Victorian Periods

Call for availability of Buttermilk and Oil Based Paints

Pure White
Colonial White
Antique Pewter
British Red
Salem Brick
New England Red
Soldier Blue
Antique Yellow
Golden Mustard
Rittenhouse Red
Colonial Green
Wild Bayberry
Forest Green
Cabinet Makers Blue
Cupboard Blue
Rittenhouse Blue
Society Hill Blue
Village Tavern Blue
Rittenhouse Green
Tea Caddy Green
Rittenhouse Ivory
Village Tavern Yellow
Valley Forge Mustard
Heritage Blue
Navy Blue
Hunter Green
Loyalty Green
Windsor Green
Steeple White
Lamp Lighter Yellow
York Town Green
Plantation Red