The Conglomerate
-Just like 18 specialty shops under one roof-

Business Hours:

 Monday: 10 - 5
Tuesday: 10 - 5
Wednesday: 10 - 5
Thursday: 10 - 6
Friday: 10 - 6
Saturday: 10 - 5
Sunday: closed
or by appt

Candles & Accessories

Votivo-Noted as a favorite of Oprah's, these candles with their rich fragrances and distictive packaging, Votivo candles burn for 50 hours.

Red Currant
Vanilla Grapefruit
Sweet Almond & Blood Orange
Lavender Chamomile Pear
Deep Clover
Clean Crisp White
Mole Hollow Candles-For 33 years Mole Hollow Candles have created tapers, that burn evenly, are dripless, and smoke free.
Northern Lights

Tapers, votives, rustic columns (square and round) and  tealights
Distinctive holders, candelabras, and stands
Farmhouse Soy Candles


For taper candles
Turn any wine or decorative bottle into a unique candelabra 



NEW!   WOODWICK   AND   BROWNSTONE  CANDLES  -- wonderful look and scents

wall sconces
hanging and tabletop candelabras
multicolor birthday candles